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About me : Benjamin Franklin once said: "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." And on that note, I suppose I would say I’ve been happy drinking beer a bit longer than I should have. As one who can’t stand soft drinks, beer has always been my preferred beverage. I tend toward India Pale Ales, porters and stouts, although I find Imperial Stouts a bit too strong. I’ve never liked sweet tasting beers, or ones incorporating fruit or spices. I gotta go with Bud Light as my favorite lawn mower beer. Yes, I know, “but there are so many better lawn mower beers out there.” I guess that’s what happens once you’ve drunk thousands of gallons of a beer. Sometimes you just have to have a “near water beer” if nothing else for hydration.
Herr O. Gant Basturd   View My Ratings
About me : If you`re looking for someone to rave about your Pilsner or Hefeweisen, keep looking! Mass produce your beer or add fruit to it, see ya!! Gimme something with a good bitter hops bite or a nice malt flavor, and I`m your guy. India pale ales, smoked porters, and oatmeal stouts - yeah baby!! If you don`t like my opinions - tough. Feel free to submit your comments/criticisms, I don`t care. I`m old and got nothing better to do than drink beer and watch Comedy Central, so bring it on.
Siren of Suds   View My Ratings
About me : Never mind these other people here…listen to me! I will not steer you wrong. I’ll help you navigate the treacherous waters of fermented beverage choices and avoid those shipwrecks and hidden hazards of the beer world. I’m descended from vodka drinkers and brewers, but I think my ancestors would be on board with the beer tasting and rating (my Mom actually likes a good dark beer once in a while). My beer preferences are not easily definable….I try to keep an open mind when trying new beers and I continue to be surprised at what I like and, conversely, what I don’t. Interesting, well-balanced, and pleasing flavor always wins me over. \\\"Give me a woman who loves beer and I will conquer the world.\\\" -Kaiser Welhelm
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About me : Where in the world is Agent Dave? Is he sipping a World Wide Stout in Delaware or a Smoked Porter in Alaska? Is it possible he is in the \\\\\\\"islands\\\\\\\" quenching his thirst with a Red Stripe? Only his handler knows for sure. Rest assured Agent Dave is tracking that unique elixir for all to rate. He prioritizes his assignments by blocking out Friday evenings to participate with the Draught Board and all you beer afficionados! Happy travels Agent Dave. Cheers!
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About me : Ten-Hut! My first tour of duty was in 1978 as the provider of fermented malt beverage to my high school friends. Much has changed since then but the management and logistics of aquiring beer and sharing it with friends has not. College was a blur for obvious reasons but with the miracles similar to that of the sun rising I was able to graduate and move on. My reenlistments since then with various firms have all had one thing in common, a small group of people wanting to explore the world of beer. Starting in 2002 a small group began to assemble on the parade grounds of the company at that time to work on mission critical problems while having a cold beverage. This led to the need to have lots of cold beverages since the list of problems and lengthy discussions seemed to grow. There have been many individuals who have helped to contribute beer from their personal travels around the world. On behalf of the board I would like to thank them in assisting in our endeavors. I continue to reenlist but with that has come more responsibilities. So Drink More Drive Less. Oooo Rhaaaa! P.S. Has anyone seen my red stapler? It seems to be missing from its dedicated spot on my desk.
Designated Driver   View My Ratings
About me : I have tried beer many times, and just can't seem to enjoy it. I eat and drink plenty, so I also feel that if I am going to consume calories, I should probably get some enjoyment out of it. Not that I have anything negative to say about my comrades who consume massive quantities of fermented beverages (I will indulge in a bit of JD myself on rare occasions). So, my friends have assigned me the duty of designated driver or navigator. Although I have never had to perform this duty for them, I stand at the ready, should one (or many) of them ever be in need of such services. For now, I continue to join them at their beer-rating happy hours and engage them in stimulating conversations that tend to become more and more interesting as the night progresses.
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About me : No I am not from Tennessee. I am a lifetime Virginian! I have been a volunteer beer taster since 1974. I am willing to drive from the western slopes of West Virginia & Pennsylvania to the Outer Banks of North Carolina to help you drink beer. My volunteering is truly without being motivated by financial or material gain. My altruistic activity is intended to promote good and improve human quality of life. Here is how I relate to the Draught Club ratings; The Keg designation for those beers that I REALLY liked, World class: You need this beer in your life. I would serve this beer at my party. 6 pack, take the whole six pack. Exceptional: DO NOT HESITATE to have several of these. I'd buy this to share. 5, Very Good: brew to savor. I will buy this again. Rating 4 or 3 I would thankfully accept from a friend. 4, Good; Enjoyable but not life alternating. I like it but probably will not buy it. 3, Average: generally unimpressive. I will drink this if offered. If offered a beer rated 2 or less I might “accidentally” spill it, or suddenly need a head call and come back with an empty glass – you get my point. 2, To each their own: I'll drink this if nothing else is available. 1, Walk away, Do you have any water? 0, I prefer sipping last weeks urine out of a rotting tree trunk in the middle of a malaria infested swamp over ever drinking this again. I am not a beer bigot; I am not going to insult your selection of unpalatable swill. .. My assessments are subjective based solely on my tastes. My tastes (“the sensation of flavor perceived in the mouth and throat on contact with a substance”) have changed significantly over the last 4 years. I attribute some of this to being exposed to the unlimited variations of beer that we the Draught Club have enjoyed.
Hokie Hopstress   View My Ratings
About me : A woman of few words, I am of the Hokie Nation.
Middle East Beast   View My Ratings
About me : Abjo, (a beer from the holy land or close to it) was the first beer I attempted to consume. Did not even get to finish the horrible tasting beer as I was caught drinking it at the age of 14. Then beer was banned forever when I became of age. .. I think they banned it because of me. The first real beer I had was in Japan and shortly after at a bar in Houston in ‘87 and it was a good old Bud. I was so happy as I thought the Budweiser was the best in the world.... realizing 26 years later in “2013 “that there is a club that does the beer tasting every ‘damn Friday. I can certainly talk beer now as I enjoy beer tasting and finally say something about it without being judged or so I believe.

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